Sunday, 10 June 2012

Problems with Porsche Hybrid system

It appears that Porsche is starting to have problems with their hybrid system on the Cayenne. This was initially thought of as a rumour but after hearing a personal account from an owner of a Cayenne Hybrid the car seems to have problems with the hybrid system. The problem is not catastrophic and will not render the car not drivable. The problem lies in the system's activation when on the highway during hard acceleration. Normally when the driver full throttles the car, both the supercharged gasoline engine and the hybrid electric motor will work together to provide maximum power and torque. The problem occurred the hybrid system failed to activate under full throttle and it also failed to activate while driving at city speeds.
The system seemed to work initially in the first 6 months of car ownership (as claimed by the owner after owning the car for 15 months) but in the last 6 months the hybrid system seems to work intermittently and after several attempts to rectify the problem, Porsche Malaysia has failed to offer him a suitable explanation for this.

Thinking that this problem could be an isolated case, several similar cases were reported in Singapore and Malaysia. Is the problem due to our excessive humidity? or did Porsche rush into introducing a hybrid system that is not completely ready and bug free?

In my opinion the problem could be in the software as the car's hybrid system is controlled by the ECU.


  1. i have the same problem with my 2016 cayenne hybrid S. seems to be the device that swiches beetween gaz and electric. been 2 times at my dealer but they are not able to solve the problem . im in Canada

  2. What you do in your Porsche is up to you, however make an effort not to drink or eat while driving. Spillages of fluids could recolor the cowhide, and be exorbitant to fix. used car dealerships